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Hello Artists launched last week, it’s the creation of 2 former Art Producers, Rachel Shapiro and Leah Jacobson. Hello Artists represents photographers and illustrators from New York, San Francisco, Portland and Vancouver BC. Rachel is based out of NYC and Leah is in Portland.

I first met Rachel at an Art Producer event a few years ago in NYC and ran in to her again while she was freelancing at Berlin Cameron. Rachel has spent the majority of her career at Wieden + Kennedy, 2 and half years in the Portland office, 5 months in Shanghai and recently freelanced in the NYC office. Rachel also teaches classes at Parsons where she received her BFA in photography.

Leah has a BFA in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Leah worked at Wieden + Kennedy for over 6 years with a stint at the Shanghai office as well. I chatted with Rachel via email about their new endeavor.

CM: What made you and Leah decide to switch from being Art Producers/Buyers to Photo Reps?

RS: Making the switch felt like a natural transition for Leah and I. While we loved art buying we felt strongly about wanting to work more closely with artists. It ultimately feels like a more creative experience for us. The art of putting together books, editing work and launching Hello Artists has thus far been extremely rewarding.

CM: Tell me a little bit about each artist you represent?

RS: Our artists are based all over however they all work as locals to NYC and the West Coast.


Aaron Hewitt- Aaron has a unique voice when it comes to portraiture bringing humor, drama and dynamic action to his work. He has a very natural way with people which he brings to his shoots. He has a great ability to put anyone he’s photographing at ease. He lives in Portland OR.

Chris Hornbecker- Chris shoots primarily sports and portraiture. He is a master at lighting, movement and pretty much anything that is technically challenging. We’ve both worked with Chris on numerous Nike Jobs, as well as other clients. Chris lives in Portland OR.

David Allee- David is an amazing landscape, architecture and environment photographer. He has a really beautiful way of photographing any space. He’s been shooting editorially and commercially for over 10 years. He was one of PDN’s 30 in 2003. You may recognize his work from The New Yorker, NY Times and Dwell, amongst many others magazines. David lives in NYC.

Joyce Lee- Joyce’s work is all about subtle details and amazing color! Her compositions move between the body, still life and architecture, at times blurring the three. We’ve been following and falling in love with Joyce’s work for years. Her recent photographs for Hermes are stunning! Joyce lives in NYC.

Marissa Kaiser- Marissa’s photographs of people are honest, spontaneous, and often hilarious while always being beautifully lit and composed. As art buyers we were constantly searching for this combination of skills in a photographer! Her work is refreshing and exciting. Marissa lives in NYC.

Nicky Woo- We’ve also been following Nicky’s work for years. She shoots portraiture as well as fashion. Her work is sophisticated, classic and undeniably sexy. You should see her prints in person, they are gorgeous. She’s been shooting editorially in LA but recently moved back to her NYC roots.

Shawn Records- Shawn’s background is primarily fine art. His quiet compositions are like glimpses into the intimate moments of someone else’s life. He has a beautiful sense of light. He recently shot behind the scenes for the movie “Where the Wild things Are” and just published a book of these stunning photographs. Shawn lives in Portland OR.


BEE A HOUSE- BEE’s work was like nothing we had ever seen. She works primarily in pen and ink. She creates imaginative, ethereal and elegant illustrations. The prints themselves in person are breath taking. BEE lives in Vancouver BC.

Chanda Helzer- Chanda’s work is funny, smart and full of personality. Many people know her for her memorable rock posters and hand cut lettering. The intricate detail found in her illustrations is something to behold! Chanda lives in Portland OR.

Mia Nolting- Mia’s intimate illustrations combine drawing and hand lettering. They are poignant, warm, at times heartbreaking and always delightful. Her hand lettering just appeared in a recent New York Times magazine. She lives in Portland OR.

Michael Illick- Michael Illick is an established copy writer who also happens to be quite expressive in his illustrations. His clever sense of humor and unique twisted perspective will sometimes shock but will always make you laugh. Michael lives in San Francisco.

Hello Artists Web site

Samples from Hello Artists
© Aaron Hewitt

© David Allee

© Chris Hornbecker

© Joyce Lee

© Marissa Kaiser

© Shawn Records

© Nicky Woo

© Bee a House

© Chanda Helzer

© Mia Nolting

© Michael Illick


  1. 1 Randie K

    Rachel is absolutely fabulous. Smart, professional, perceptive and she has an unmatchable eye. I had the pleasure of working with her when she was based out of Portland. Looking forward to seeing how this venture progresses and working together again soon!

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